Karmetal was founded in 1975 for manufacturing special purpose machines. During 1980’s, Karmetal started to manufacture spare parts for automotive factories. In 1997 we manufactured our first band saw machine. It was additional to spare parts production. We rapidly increased our model quantity and now we are the leading band saw machine manufacturer in Turkey. Quality of Karmetal has been approved with TÜV-SUDVEST DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and TURQUM quality certificates and our machines are compatible with the CE standards. We provide 2 years warranty for mechanics and 1 year warranty for electric-electronic parts with this convenience. Karmetal serves domestic and international market with great reputation andimproving its recognition all around the world day by day. We export our machines more than 65 countries including USA,UK, Germany and Australia. KARMETAL regards its quality policy as; to be competitive in prices with highquality products and after sales customer satisfaction with following the technologicdevelopments, targeting to be a World brand with a prosperous and extendingorganization. Karmetal has increased its production volume by modernizing its machinery inventory. Karmetal aims to present new products developed by Research and Development department and penetrate in the market. While Karmetal follows and applies ever-changing and developing world technologies, we also exhibit our products by participating in domestic / international promotion and fair organizations. Our aim is to provide machines that cover the latest technologies for the pleasure of the users, and to present our machines in the best way with after-sales technical services.

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ARX - Customizable Storage and Feeding System

ORDINA 30R19 - 6 DOF Robot Arm

SERVANT - T1500 - Autonomous Mobile Robot With Natural Navigation

SERVANT - Z250 - Autonomous Mobile Robot With Natural Navigation

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