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Established in 2009, Tezmaksan Robot Technologies stands as a prominent European CNC machine manufacturer, contributing to the landscape of advanced manufacturing solutions. It was founded by Tezmaksan Makine, a Turkish company with a rich legacy dating back to 1981.

Our purpose is to manufacture robotic CNC automation solutions, contributing to the enhancement of industrial manufacturing processes and our primary goal is to lead the global market in promoting cutting-edge robotic automation systems and software.

This venture has resulted in Tezmaksan’s 40-year automation passion that supports the production power of the Turkish industry.

At Tezmaksan, we’ve invested 15 million euros to relocate our production facility to Sivas Nuri Demirağ OSB. This strategic move positioned us as a dynamic CNC machining company, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, underscoring out commitment to pioneering advancements that redefine the future of CNC machining.

We have a strong background in providing advanced production technology solutions, including CNC machine tools, CNC milling and CNC turning. Our expertise and global presence have expanded, actively contributing to the enhancement of the industry landscape. With decades of experience, our commitment to innovation makes us a reliable partner in the ever-changing world of CNC machining.

We view “Sustainability and efficiency for the future” as a crucial concept for our time. In this context, robotic automation systems play a crucial role in realising sustainability objectives and achieving efficiency in production.

Solutions for CNC machining companies
At Tezmaksan Robot Technologies, we’re dedicated to delivering cost-efficient, highly profitable and efficient turnkey automation solutions. We specialise in robotic automation and robotic line installation, providing our clients with a competitive edge. Our objective is to integrate production facilities into smart factories using robot and automation technologies, making us prominent players in the European manufacturing industry.

We have introduced four new robotic models and expanded globally with dealerships in 14 countries. Our CubeBOX robotic automation systems are currently operational in Germany, the United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France and the Netherlands, to name a few. This widespread deployment serves as a demonstration of their production capabilities.

The CubeBOX systems seamlessly integrate with control units and robots, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, facilitating automated loading and unloading of CNC machines. Notably, the system’s lean and flexible design includes a workpiece stocking area and a robotic arm.

All CubeBOX systems come equipped with Tezmaksans’ 2.5 Axis CAD/CAM automation software program, RoboCAM, streamlining the integration process and eliminating the need for prior robot programming knowledge. Operators can effortlessly upload product placement

Products and Product Groups

CubeBOX Blues RT

CubeBOX Blues DR

CubeBOX Blues DR MAX


CubeBOX Vision

CubeBOX Soul S

CubeBOX Soul M

CubeBOX Soul L

CubeBOX Space Cabinet

CubeBOX Pallet Pool

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Featured Project: ROBOCAM SOFTWARE

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, ROBOCAM stands at the forefront of CNC robot programming, representing the culmination of our relentless journey towards simplifying and enhancing the robotic engineer’s role in the machine tool automation process.It all began with the introduction of our CubeBOX robotic automation system, and from there, we set our sights on creating a solution that empowers operators, regardless of their industrial robotics programming knowledge and experience.One of the major breakthroughs achieved with ROBOCAM is the seamless integration of solid models of workpieces into the system. This software negates the need for intricate robot programming and extensive CAM knowledge. By converting 2D CAD drawings into CAM instructions, RoboCAM simplifies the entire process, making it accessible even to operators without specialised training. This reinforces Tezmaksan’s commitment to Industry 4.0 principles, offering comprehensive solutions that encompass turnkey projects, integration, installation and ongoing support services.Thanks to our user-friendly ROBOCAM software, developed in-house by our dedicated software team, the complexities of robotics programming are now a thing of the past. This leap in technology not only simplifies the operator’s tasks but also significantly reduces the time spent on robot reference definition processes.In a matter of minutes, operators can implement new parts into the system. Tool changes have traditionally required extensive robot programming knowledge and prolonged changeover times.The ROBOCAM process is remarkably straightforward: provide the dimensions of the part, specify the attached tools on the robot, input the CAD drawing of the inlay, and define the workflow for the robot’s intended stations.Our innovative software effortlessly extracts position data from the inlay drawing and seamlessly transmits it to the robot.All that remains is a simple press of the “start” button, and the CubeBOX robot springs to life. The operator is in full control, even without any prior robot programming expertise. It’s a testament to the power of technology in simplifying and democratising robotics applications.ROBOCAM CNC programming software compatible with all robotic systems ROBOCAM was initially designed to complement our CubeBOX robot automation systems but has expanded its horizons. It’s no longer confined to a single robotic platform — instead, it serves as a versatile CNC software solution that can be integrated with all robotic CNC machines. This adaptability makes ROBOCAM an invaluable tool across the automation industry.What truly sets ROBOCAM apart is its ability to bridge the gap between product drawings and the language robots understand. The operator’s role primarily involves loading and unloading the magazine, making the entire process more accessible and efficient than ever before

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